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  • Bear Hunting With Hounds

    Bear Hunting With Hounds

    We also offer hound hunts this is one of the most exciting ways to hunt a bear. Also it is...


  • Maine Snowshoe Hare Hunting

    Maine Snowshoe Hare Hunting

    Blackwater Outfitters offers the best rabbit snowshoe hare hunting include lodging, meals,and guide service. You can either use our hounds...


  • Maine Moose Hunting

    Maine Moose Hunting

    I want to welcome you to Blackwater Outfitters and congratulate you on winning a Maine moose permit! Our lodge and...


  • Maine Coyote Hunting With Hounds & Bait

    Maine Coyote Hunting With Hounds &

    Maine coyote hunting is done over active baits from heated box blinds or chased with dogs. Both hunts include meals...


  • Maine Bear Hunting

    Maine Bear Hunting

    Our Maine bear hunting is not your average hunting experience. First of all our focus is not how many hunters...